The Torlonia Foundation sees the potential to spread greater awareness of art in the interaction with internet and new technologies. The aim is to bring the new generations closer to the artistic dimension, considering it an essential component of our history, through the production of digital contents to be shared online.


The Foundation pays particular attention to students and scholars, with activities designed to foster education and research; in particular, through the publication and promotion of studies and research projects in the historical and artistic fields of the Torlonia Collection and Villa Albani Torlonia.

Founders Forum

Format: unique collection of dynamic group brainstorming, open debate, one- to-one meetings and top panel discussions, with the aim to build new partnerships, create deals and pioneer the future of digital….

Dal Museo Torlonia alla Lungara

A selection of ninety masterpieces, representative of the collection’s importance both on a national and international level, will be presented at the 2018 show “Dal Museo Torlonia alla Lungara” in Rome, curated by Professor Salvatore Settis and Professor Carlo Gasparri.