Portrait of Antoninus Pius on Modern Bust

Portrait of Antoninus Pius on Modern Bust

The Emperor Antoninus Pius is portrayed in this fine antique marble head, which is placed on a modern bust with a central gorgoneion. The expression on the face is mild and the facial features are that of a mature man, as can be seen by two marked wrinkles on the forehead, in his sunken eyes and in the deep nasolabial folds. The wavy hair is rendered at the back with the drill, while the thick beard is rendered with the chisel. The Torlonia specimen is a replica of the Greek Cross type, a variant of the Formia type, the most diffused and ancient portrait of the Emperor, probably created in 138 AD on his nomination as Hadrian’s successor

Inventory: MT 549

Material: White marble

Technique: Work sculpted through the use of: chisels (also square-tipped and toothed) rasps

Dating: Imperial age

Origin: Giustiniani Collection