Modern Bust with Portrait Called Scipio

Modern Bust with Portrait Called Scipio

The portrait head in basanite of a mature man is inserted in a fine porphyry bust. His elongated face is characterized by a cross-shaped scar on the forehead and wrinkles, the concentrated and determined expression is reinforced by slightly sunken eyes and arched eyebrows. His lips are thick and swollen. The portrait was identified as Scipio, due to the scar on his forehead reported by the consul in his youth in the Battle of Ticino. The work represents a type that had considerable success during post-Renaissance collecting, probably created to complete the series of illustrious men of antiquity. The choice of the bust, obtained from an ancient porphyry basin, appears to have been a wise and uncommon choice.

Inventory: MT 346

Material: Basanite head; porphyry bust

Technique: Work sculpted through the use of: chisels (also square-tipped and toothed) rasps

Dating: Modern age

Origin: Giustiniani Collection